Cold War 2395

Cold War 2395

2395 AD – The Cold War has never been hotter.

United States Cosmo Marine James Beecher has just received a new assignment: rescue the leader of the free world. The president has been kidnapped, and all signs point to Russia as the culprit. But nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems. The Russians are building a weapon—a devastating device capable of wiping out billions of lives in an instant. Now Beecher’s team wants to steal it and turn it against the Russians themselves.

Caught between his patriotic loyalties and possible genocide, Beecher will have to make choices. Choices that could cost him everything.

Dive into the debut sci-fi novel from author Robert Carnevale! Lots of action, twists and turns you’ll never see coming, and characters you’ll love.

Technology can make us more human

I have argued that our technology can make us more human by freeing us to be more creative, but there is more to human beings than creativity. We have other qualities that machines cannot match. They have instructions while we have purpose. Machines cannot dream, not even in sleep mode. Humans can and will need our intelligent machines in order to turn our grandest dreams into reality. If we stop dreaming big dreams, if we stop looking for a greater purpose, then we may as well be machines ourselves. ~Garry Kasparov