Are ‘alien bugs’ living on Mars?

Are ‘alien bugs’ living on Mars?

    •A 2,500-mile stretch of molten rock is discovered under the Martian surface that produces ideal conditions for microbial life known to thrive in the same environments on Earth

    •A 2,500-mile-wide column of molten rock has been discovered underground in the northern plains of Mars

    •Researchers said the plume is generating methane and hydrogen, which are critical ingredients for microbial life

    •Microbes on Earth flourish in similar environments and it could be the same on Mars

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Ronnagrams and quettameters

Say hello to ronnagrams and quettameters! Scientists pick new prefixes to express the world’s largest and smallest measurements

  • ‘Ronna’ and ‘quetta’ officially become prefixes for the largest-defined numbers
  • Meanwhile, ‘ronto’ and ‘quecto’ are prefixes for infinitesimally small numbers
  • They will help experts in the fields of data science, quantum science and more

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